Self Care During the Holidays

During this busy time of year it’s easy to let things go - with all the extra shopping, entertaining, activities and rushing around, we often end up putting ourselves last during this Season of Giving.

That's why self-care becomes more essential than ever during the holiday season.

Here are some ideas of ways you can plan for self care this holiday....

The Holidays Unplugged

4 Steps to Consciously Create
Your Holiday, Your Way

Many times during the holidays we have huge expectations. We want to create the perfect family time, get the perfect gifts, throw the best party, entertain guests and family, get everything right and make everyone happy. As we go through the holiday season what sometimes happens is that we end up overspending, overeating, over-committing and become frustrated, impatient and worn out. The opposite of what we really want.

Several years ago I attended a workshop based on the book Unplug the Christmas Machine by Jo Robinson and Jean Staeheli. After participating in this workshop I created and experienced one of the most meaningful Holiday Seasons ever…and you can too!!

Create Your Holiday, Your Way
Spending Consciously this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone and the holiday season is now underway. During this time of year many people have a tendency to overspend, exceeding what they can reasonably afford. Learn the 5 SMART Steps to help you spend consciously this season....

Creating an Attitude of Gratitude

Practicing an attitude of gratitude is a simple way to give yourself an Attitude Adjustment. Gratitude shifts your focus from lack to abundance. Research has shown that giving thanks makes people happier, more resilient, strengthens relationships and can improve your health and reduce your stress. How does that happen?

5 Steps to Clear Your Money Clutter

Money clutter is the unresolved money situations or issues  that rob you of your time, energy and income.  Learn the 5 steps to Clear Your Money Clutter

Visioning – A Transformative Process
to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Visioning is a process in which we allow ourselves to be able to hear, feel, see and catch Spirit’s plan for our life, or for a particular area or part of our life.

Visioning allows us to get clarity and guidance regarding the subject or topic we are visioning about.

Visioning is a powerful process that helps you to open up yourself and your life to spirit, to expand your awareness of a higher power and to anchor your life with divine direction and guidance. I invite you to experience the process and to Catch Your Vision!


Creating Clarity - Using the Law of Attraction to Create What you Desire

The Law of Attraction is a powerful universal law that affects everything in your life and the lives of those around you. It is similar to gravity, it is always there, it is working in your life right now. Learn how it works and how You can use it to create what you desire.


EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique
Use EFT to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs

EFT, also called Meridian Tapping or Tapping, is a powerful and easy-to-learn technique that can help YOU transform your limiting emotions, beliefs or thoughts.