The Business & Wealth Show with Mac Attram -Poor By Choice? Money, Wealth & Freedom

This episode serves as a deep exploration into Estelle Gibson's Four Levels of Belief system, aiming to address financial predicaments at their root.  We also dive into the under-recognized aspect of financial management - separating personal and business finances. Our discussion also unveils insights from Gibson's recent book, Poor by Choice?, a comprehensive examination of financial dependency. Discover how Estelle guides her clients to dream big, visualize, and establish a roadmap to financial liberation.

Militant Grind Podcast - Achieving Financial Freedom: Insights & Action

This episode of the podcast features a comprehensive conversation with Estelle Gibson, a CPA, author, and holistic financial coach with a 40-year career in finance. The discussion kicks off with Estelle's transition from nursing aspirations to becoming a champion for financial literacy, highlighting her journey to understanding money management, overcoming limiting beliefs, and the societal impacts on financial beliefs.

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Financial Freedom for Physicians - Unlocking Financial Empowerment with Estelle Gibson

Tune in for a transformative episode where Estelle shares her unique journey from overcoming personal financial challenges to becoming an international authority on financial independence. We'll explore her holistic approach to financial coaching and also discuss key concepts from her bestselling books, including strategies for overcoming the lies that keep us financially bound, and practical steps to rewriting your money story for empowerment and freedom. Whether you're recovering from financial dependency or aiming to reach new financial heights, this episode offers essential wisdom and tools to help you achieve your financial goals and live a life of true financial peace.

Living the Dream Podcast with Curveball 

Discover the secrets to financial freedom with Estelle Gibson as she shares her 40-year journey including personal struggles and triumphs from CPA to best selling author. Whether you're rebounding from divorce, a career shift, or just seeking peace with your finances, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone ready to take control of their money story.

Famous Interview Podcast with Joe Dimino 

Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series. On this episode, we talk with TED Speaker, Author, Holistic Financial Coach Estelle Gibson.

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Kaj Masterclass: Rewrite Your Money Story, Transform Your Financial Mindset 

Ready to rewrite your money story and unlock true financial freedom? Join us in this captivating episode of KAJ Masterclass LIVE with Estelle Gibson where we delve into the secrets of transforming your relationship with money! 



Cafe & Networking Podcast

No More Money Diets!  In this episode, Estelle Gibson shares how to create your Unique Spending Plan.

Funny Money: Breaking Financial Barriers for Aspiring Comedians

While comedians often think about making people laugh and creating hilarious jokes, there's another important aspect to consider: managing your money. Estelle knows the ups and downs of dealing with money, from overcoming past challenges to navigating tricky things like taxes and investments. She's here to share her as a guest blogger on Plauzzable to help you stay financially secure and worry-free.

Poor by Choice? Global Livestream Book Launch Party 

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Transforming Millions Show:  Wealth Mastery for Miraculous Shifts from Lifelong Limits to Financial Freedom

No matter how wealthy you are - if you feel a financial ceiling or lack of financial freedom & peace that you can't seem to break through, then today's episode is for you. Spencer Snakard talks with Estelle Gibson, TED speaker and author of the new book Poor By Choice?

Beacon of Light Podcast:  Poor By Choice - From Financial Dependency to Freedom, Stability and Power

In this episode Estelle Gibson shares about her upcoming book Poor by Choice? Overcome the Lies and Create a New Financial Truth

Moolala - Money Made Simple Podcast with Bruce Sellery:  Financial Dependence and Regaining Control Of Your Finances

Estelle Gibson, a TED Speaker and coach, tells us about financial dependence and shares her tips to help you stop relying on others for your money.

Reuters: Tackling money shame: Personal finance advice from top TED Talks

Estelle Gibson's TED talk was listed as one of the top Ted Talks on Personal Finance by Reuters

Unite In Light Domestic Violence Conference 2022: What is the Invisible Weapon in Domestic Abuse?

Physical abuse leaves visible bruises and scars. Financial abuse doesn't... it leaves inner bruises and scars.  In this interview with Estelle Gibson, you'll learn about financial abuse, how to recognize the signs and resources that are available to help victims break free. 

Joyful Business TV Interview: Financial & Emotional Freedom

Join me and Estelle Gibson -  financial and life coach who loves to help people find financial and emotional freedom. We have lots of laughs on this call! We talk everything from creativity, to favorite rituals, money, freedom as a top value and so much more.

Unite In Light Domestic Violence Conference 2020: Financial Abuse is Domestic Violence

In this interview with Estelle Gibson we talk about her TED talk on Financially dependency and how to Break-free from fear, confusion, and self-sabotage with money and learn how to manage your money in simple ways that are customized for You!

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TED speakers recommend podcasts, books, TV shows, movies and more that have nourished their minds, spirits and bodies. You can find my recommendations under non-fiction books and tv shows.  Daytonian of the Week

Estelle Gibson's inspiring and informative speech about the true cost of financial dependence at last year's TEDx Dayton is now featured on the global idea sharing platform TED: Ideas Worth Spreading.

Life Lafter Divorce Podcast with Leanne Linsky: Create financial independence & a money mindset with Estelle Gibson

Estelle shares how her personal experience has led her to helping others break free from financial dependency. Learn some of her powerful money strategies help you to move past fear, confusion, and self-sabotage so you can create the life of your dreams both in and out of relationships.

Talking Business with Beverly Radio Interview: 

Money, Mindset and Time Management Strategies for Your Business