5-Step Coaching Process

I use an Inner and Outer Approach in my 5-Step Coaching process for 1-1 coaching sessions, group coaching, classes and programs.

5 Step Process

What's My Destination?
You'll set Your Intention and Clarify Your Vision for Your Financial Future

In this step you'll create clarity and set an intention for where you’re headed. Just like with any trip or vacation, you’ll choose your destination from the five categories of focus that you can have for your money: Purchases, Pursuits, People, Process, and Practice. 

Where Am I Starting From?
Take Responsibility for Where You Are Right Now

Think about using a GPS. Once you choose your destination, you have to enter your starting point in order to establish a route.

In this step you'll take a look at where you’re starting from for both your money and your mindset and the environments of people, places and things. Whether you’re just starting out, been on the journey for a while, or you’re looking to leave a legacy, knowing where you are will help you identify the steps on your journey.

How Do I Get There?
Establish a Plan

When you’re taking a journey, it’s important to have a map or plan. A plan bridges the gap between your destination and where you’re starting from and keeps you headed in the right direction, as you continue on your journey, so that you arrive at your destination. In this step, you’ll learn how to create a plan that works for you, your goals, and where you are in your money life cycle.

What Stops Me?

Many of the money roadblocks you encounter started early in your life and set the stage for the thoughts, beliefs, and actions you have today.Continuing to take actions without addressing the core beliefs you have about money will lead you right back to where you started from.

To break free from what stops you, in this step you will begin to understand the money stories and limiting beliefs that you are holding on to. You will learn tools and techniques to help you shift your beliefs so that you can keep moving forward to your destination. 

What’s Next?

Time to celebrate your successes and strategize what’s next. Many times when we reach milestones or goals, we get stagnant, complacent or slip backwards because we don't have a focus or direction towards what's next. In this step you'll learn how to assess your progress, celebrate your victories, readjust your goals and intentions and have a clear direction of what's next.