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Estelle began her journey in accounting in high school working as an assistant bookkeeper for Chicago Title Insurance Company.  After completing her bachelor's degree, she started her professional career as an auditor with Deloitte and continued in various management roles in accounting and finance.

She’s worked with individuals and companies, from small privately owned businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, in diverse industries.

Financial dependency is part of Estelle’s personal story. She grew up witnessing family members struggle with financial dependency, but took control of managing her own money at the age of 16. She later relinquished her financial power during her marriage and after her divorce had to rebuild her life financially and emotionally.  It was during this time that she was inspired to help others do the same.

As a coach, Estelle empowers her clients to manage their money in simple ways that are personalized for them AND to break free from the limiting beliefs and fears that stop them from taking actions, so they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Her impactful journey led her to deliver a TED talk on Financial Dependency in 2019 and in 2023 it was rated by Reuters® as one of the top TED talks on Personal Finance in TED's 40 year history.

In 2021 she authored her first book, Rewrite Your Money Story – Guided Journal and is releasing her next book, Poor By Choice? Overcome the Lies and Create a New Financial Truth in 2024. 

Not only does Estelle make a difference through her writing, but she has presented webinars, workshops, speeches, and presentations for national and international companies and organizations.



  • Poor By Choice?  Overcome the Lies and Create Your New Financial Truth 
  • Sacred Wealth Journey~ Your Personal Path to Financial Peace
  • Rewrite Your Money Story ~ Heal Your Past and Move Forward Powerfully 
  • Clear Your Money Clutter ~ Create More Time, Energy and Income
  • Dream Big!  Create Your Money Goals
  • No More Money Diets! ~ Create Your Unique Spending Plan  
  • Savings and Investing Basics 
  • Move Past Your Fear and Pay-off Your Debt
  • Love & Money - Creating Healthy Money Relationships
  • Starting and Managing Your Business ~ simple, manageable ways that work for you
  • Cash is King - Cash flow, the key to managing your business
  • Know Your Numbers ~ the information you need to run your business successfully
  • Sacred Money Archetypes ~ Cracking the code to your Unique Money Personality
  • Discover Your Sacred Gifts ~ Have More Freedom, Fulfillment and Feel on Purpose


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