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  • Feel overwhelmed and stressed about your money situation or the situation of your family and friends?
  • Wake up in the middle of the night or spend time and energy worrying because you don’t know much money you need to cover your monthly expenses?
  • Avoid taking actions you know you need to take but,  somehow things just seem to get in your way?
  • Wonder why you keep sabotaging yourself?

Well, you are not alone!  I've seen this over and over again with clients, friends and family.  And, it happens because the real cause behind these situations is hidden, and you're not even aware of it. 

So, how can you solve a problem that you're not even aware of?  You can't!  You have to become aware, that's the first step.   

I created this guided journal that will take your through a step by step process to help you become aware of what's stopping you so that you can:

  • End self sabotage
  • Move beyond fear, overwhelm and frustration
  • Take action towards your financial goals
  • Have financial peace

The journal is divided into 3 sections:

Step 1 - Uncover Your Money Beliefs

Step 2 - Understand Your Money Story

Step 3 - Upgrade Your Money Story 

Guided by prompts, you'll journal through each step.  You can journal through one or more prompts each day or schedule your own mini retreat or weekend to work through the whole journal.  

At the end of each step there are pages for reflection, sketching and affirmations.  You'll be able to summarize your insights and  awarenesses and begin to align and shift your thoughts and beliefs. 

After you’ve rewritten your money story, you'll find pages where you can list your money goals, create an action plan to achieve those goals and write out affirmations to align your thoughts with those goals.

Whether you're just starting on your journey to create wealth or you're already on the path, you'll benefit from this process. Each change, transition and challenge in our lives provides the opportunity to shift our beliefs and rewrite our story at a new level.


Estelle Gibson is a CPA, TED Speaker and ICF Certified  Coach.  She helps women, couples and entrepreneurs break free from financial dependency and overwhelm. 

She empowers her clients to move past their money story, money blocks and to learn powerful money strategies so they can create the Life and Business of Their Dreams! 

In her professional career as a CPA, she has worked with individuals and companies ranging in size from small privately owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies in various industries.