Self Care During the Holidays

During this busy time of year it’s easy to let things go - with all the extra shopping, entertaining, activities and rushing around, we often end up putting ourselves last during this Season of Giving.

That's why self-care becomes more essential than ever during the holiday season.

Self Care – How do You Define It?

Self care may look different for each person, but the basic idea is to put yourself first and invest time and effort into your own health and well-being, by practicing daily habits that foster health and happiness in your life.

The great thing about self care is it’s all about You! You get to define what it is for you.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Take quiet time out for yourself each day and let it be okay to enjoy it.
  • Plan to get more rest/sleep
  • Plan to eat healthy food, drink more water
  • At big holiday meals or events, eat slowly and enjoy each bite. Pay attention to your level of fullness. When you are hungry, eat. When you are full, stop.
  • Exercise or go for walks
  • Take a hot bath/shower
  • Meditate
  • Read something inspirational
  • Schedule personal services for yourself-massage, manicure, pedicure
  • Relax with friends or spend quality time with family
  • Listen to your favorite holiday music
  • Practice Yoga/stretching
  • Watch your favorite holiday movie
  • Ask for help with holiday preparations and activities
  • Do what you can with family and friends, not what you feel you must do
  • Have someone help clean your home

Create a Self Care Plan

I've created a downloadable worksheet that will help you create your own self care plan this holiday.  Download Yours Today!

Have a Happy and Nurturing Holiday Season!

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