Visioning – A Transformative Process
to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

What is Visioning?

Visioning is a process in which we allow ourselves to be able to hear, feel, see and catch Spirit’s plan for our life, or for a particular area or part of our life.

Visioning allows us to get clarity and guidance regarding the subject or topic we are visioning about.

Visioning is a powerful process that helps you to open up yourself and your life to spirit, to expand your awareness of a higher power and to anchor your life with divine direction and guidance. I invite you to experience the process and to Catch Your Vision!

Listen to an Intro to Visioning:

My Experience with Visioning

I began visioning almost 20 years ago. At that time I had become a member of a spiritual community that had just hired a dynamic minister from California. This minister happened to be one of the founding members of the Agape International Spiritual Center (formerly Agape Church) with Rev. Michael Beckwith as her spiritual teacher and mentor.

As I became more and more involved in my community I learned the visioning process—a process that was revealed to Rev. Michael and used to build his internationally known spiritual center. We used visioning to create, build and expand our spiritual community.

I have used visioning to create and brand my business, to create products, programs and practices for my business. I have visioned personally regarding relationships, work situations and other circumstances in my life.

I have visioned with my clients to help them establish the vision and mission for their business, and to get insight and clarity on situations, relationships and circumstances in their businesses and their lives.

Is Visioning like visualization?

Visioning is different from visualization. In visualization we mentally focus on something we desire or that we want to manifest in our lives. We see ourselves having or doing something and we generate the feelings we would have if this desire were fulfilled.

In Visioning, we align on a consciousness level and open ourselves to Spirit’s vision, a divine plan, a greater vision than we may have been able to conceive by ourselves. When we align on this consciousness level we no longer have to mentally think or do, we are aligned and guided into our next step, what to say, what to do, and it easily unfolds before us.

What can Visioning be used for?

Visioning can be used to:

• Establish the vision, mission, goals for your business
• Create projects and processes for your business
• Get insight and clarity about a specific issue or area of your life

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