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Why I chose to offer Relationship Coaching

As a Conscious Relationship and Singles coach, I work with clients to create the relationship of their dreams by first creating that relationship with themselves.

By living as a whole, complete individual first, having a clear vision for your own life, your values, requirements and needs, you can then attract that perfect partner, creating a relationship of two whole people coming together as one, where 1+1=3. You, your partner and the relationship itself.

I currently coach clients through the first 2 stages of relationships:

1. Readiness Stage – in this stage you will address the Questions:
"Who am I?" "What do I desire?" and "How do I get there?".

Coaching activities may include:

-Creating the Vision for Your Life and Your Relationship
-Create a Relationship history – you will become aware of and be able to change your past patterns
-Personality assessment (traits, values, preferences, etc)
-Define Your Relationship Requirements, Needs and Wants
-Develop Your Life Partner Profile
-Create an Action Plan to attract Your Life Partner

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2. Attraction Stage - in this stage we will focus on getting into action-taking steps to attract the Relationship of Your Dreams.

Coaching activities may include:

- Incorporating attraction principles and the laws of attraction to manifest your perfect partner
-Where and how to meet potential life partners
- Becoming ready for a committed relationship
- Effectively meeting people, developing networks, sorting
- Staying on track with your Relationship Plan

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