Why I chose to offer
Relationship Coaching

After my divorce, I read everything and anything I could on how to create a successful relationship. I took seminars and workshops but continued to recreate the same old thing. I was focusing on what I didn’t want and trying to avoid the pain and hurt that I had experienced in my past relationships. I continued to believe and had a passion for creating the relationship of my dreams. I had in my mind the vision of a relationship created out of 2 whole people coming together to create something greater than the two of them could create on their own.

1+1=3 You, your partner and the relationship itself

As I began to work with individuals in the area of their finances and businesses, the topic of relationships always came up. In many instances problems in their finances stemmed from or were connected to relationship issues.

Not until I learned the principles and tools that I use in coaching did it all make since.

It finally clicked. Become what you desire first, reveal and heal the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, have a vision and a plan for Your life and the relationship that you desire, and you will attract a partner to you.

I then asked myself who am I to to help others? I’ve made so many mistakes, gone through so much in relationships, I don’t have it perfect yet……and I answered my own question. Who better to teach than someone who has made the mistakes, has experienced the hurt and the pain, who understands what it’s like to have this deep desire and now knows how to fulfill it—how to create it and how to help you create--the relationship of your dreams.

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