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Love's Path
Creating Your Love Relationship

This Journey involves being conscious and making intentional choices with clarity about who you are and what you want. By living as a whole, complete individual first and having a clear vision for your own life, you can then attract that perfect partner and create a relationship of two whole people coming together as one, where 1+1=3. You, your partner and the relationship itself.

In this program singles complete the readiness stage, get clear on what they desire-develop a Vision for their life and relationship, determine their values, requirements, needs and wants, reveal the limiting beliefs that have been stopping them and create a relationship plan to meet to their specific goals. Includes a 70 page workbook.

Activities include:

· Relationship history
· Personality assessment (traits, values, preferences, etc)
· Identification of goals
· Clarify Vision, Requirements, Needs, and Wants
· Developing a Perfect Partner profile
· Creating a Relationship Plan to attract their perfect partner

This program is offered as a class or teleclass series or used in personal or group coaching.

Attracting the Relationship of Your Dreams

In this next step on Love’s path, you will focus on getting into action-taking steps to attract the Relationship of Your Dreams.

Coaching activities may include:

· Incorporating attraction principles and the laws of attraction to manifest your perfect partner
· Where and how to meet potential partners
· Becoming ready for a committed relationship
· Effectively meeting people, developing networks, sorting
· Staying on track with your Relationship Plan

This program is used in personal or group coaching.

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