Coaching Fees

A complimentary 30-minute consultation is generally conducted prior to entering into a coaching agreement.

Initial Intake and 1-hour debrief session - $150

The initial intake includes preparation of a personalized questionnaire for the client to complete and a 1-hour debrief session to review the questionnaire in-depth, providing a powerful framework and foundation for coaching sessions.


Six - 50-minute or Twelve -25 minute sessions - $450

Three – 50-minute or Six -25 minute sessions - $225

Monthly Coaching- with 3-month commitment

Three-50 minute sessions per month - $225/month

Two-50 minute sessions per month - $150/month

Three-25 minute sessions per month - $120/month

Two-25 minute sessions per month - $75/month

Individual Sessions:

One Hour Coaching Session - $100 per session

½ Hour Coaching Session - $50 per session

Payment Options:

Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal

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