Advent Activities

Here you will find information, activities and tools to support celebrating Advent from a Holistic-Body, Mind, Spirit perspective.


Waiting is difficult, we don’t really like to wait. In the world that we live in today we want instant results. This same kind of instant result mentality can affect your spiritual life. How many times have you tried a new book, another workshop, just one more retreat… all in an attempt to be more spiritual, more connected, to get answers? You become frustrated and disappointed when you don’t see immediate results. During the Advent Season we have an opportunity to Wait in Hope.

How do you wait in hope? You wait in hope through a Daily Spiritual Practice. Take time to be aware of the presence within you. Listen to the still small voice. Be open to the power and presence of Spirit in every area of your life-your relationships, your home, your work, your creativity.


1. Commit to your Daily Spiritual Practice
2. Check in for a Daily Advent Affirmation
Daily Advent Affirmation
3. Questions to contemplate
•What obstacles do you need to overcome to experience a deeper connection with a higher power?
•How can you become more receptive to experiencing a connection with a higher power during this Advent season?


Our thoughts and feelings create our current reality. There is a universal law-The Law of Attraction that that affects everything in your life and the lives of those around you. It is similar to gravity, it is always there, it is working in your life right now.

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1.Complete the Creating Clarity form - Creating Clarity form - this tool helps you to get clear on what you desire during this Advent Season and begin to focus on it, thereby using the Law of Attraction to attract it to you.
2. Read the list of what you desire each day either in the morning or before you begin your holiday activities.
3. Start a holiday journal to record you insights and thoughts during this change process.

Body (Physical World)

Every aspect of us is affected by our environments and our environments reflect every aspect of us. Each of the 9 Environments of You 9 Environments of You are connected...they touch each other and are woven together. One affects the next and then the next. During this Advent season we will focus on the physical environment.

The Physical Environment: The physical environment includes the very tangible aspects of our lives...our home, office, car, furnishings, artwork, toys, boats, and accessories. The physical environment provides visual clues to what is going on in our lives. Clutter, noise, broken equipment can be visual clues to looking deeper to discover our thoughts, energy and behaviors.

1. Begin to create a space that represents your Advent Season. It might be a alter, or a space in a room with candles or an advent wreath, a tote bag containing your journal or sacred text, prayers or inspirational materials, a bulletin board where you sit where you can post your affirmations or inspiration words.
2. Begin to eliminate items in your environment that are creating clutter -unfiled paperwork, laundry, clothing, broken equipment or items.

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