The 9 Environments of You

Everything in your environment is either supporting you, giving you energy and moving you closer to your goals or it’s sabotaging, draining you and keeping you further away from your goals.  In Environmental Coaching there are 9 Environments as originally created by Thomas Leonard - who is widely recognized as he founding father of the Life Coaching Industry. 

Every aspect of us is affected by our environments and our environments reflect every aspect of us.

Each of the 9 Environments of You are connected...they touch each other and are woven together.

The Memetic Environment

The memetic environment includes ideas, values, thoughts, beliefs, paradigms, styles and habits that are passed down from generation to generation. The memetic environment also includes information and knowledge (books, websites, magazines, television, and radio) The big question -  How do these ideas impact your goals and desired results?

The Body Environment

You are not your body, it's something you have and therefore it can be designed. The body environment includes the body, hair, skin, nails, health and energy. Having strength, energy and well-being using daily practices is important in being successful with your goals and desires.

The Self Environment

The self environment includes our strengths, talents, personalities, feelings, emotions, values, passions and skills. The self environment reflects a persons inner resources  that can be reflected in the outer world around them.

The Technology Environment

The technology environment includes technology, electronics and virtual spaces. Technology includes - software and hardware. Electronics include computers, tablets, phones, mp3 players, GPS systems. Virtual spaces include Social Networking - social media, video conferencing, online networking, etc.

The Spiritual Environment

The spiritual environment includes our connections to a higher power, to God or Spirit, the invisible connection we feel to others and the universe. Whether we get our energy from low or high vibrations makes a difference and has an effect on whether your experience overwhelm, clutter, addictions, control, anger, etc.  This environment includes designing spiritual practices that support your desired results.

The Relationship Environment

The relationship environment includes those people in our lives who are closest to us and with whom we have an intimate connection. This includes family, close friends, close colleagues, co-workers, mentors and neighbors who are in our lives on a daily basis. The people in your life act as a mirror to some part of yourself and we become like the people we spend time with.

The Network Environment

The network environment is an extension of the relationship environment. It includes people with whom you are on a first name basis, yet you may not have a deep and intimate connection. The network environment includes business associates, community organizations, support groups you belong to. The goal of the network environment is usually to provide an exchange of information and to build bridges to people who can support you in enhancing both your business and personal life.

The Financial Environment

The financial environment affects every other environment - it includes bills, credit cards, money, investments, insurance, stocks and bonds and the people who support your financial well-being (accountants, financial planners, stock brokers). This environment also includes any tools, support services or systems you use to achieve your financial goals- files, computer programs, budgets, banks. When exploring the financial environment, it is also important to look closely at the relationship a person has with money and their beliefs around money and prosperity/abundance.

The Physical Environment

The physical environment includes the very tangible aspects of our lives...our home, office, car, furnishings, artwork, toys, boats, and accessories. The physical environment provides visual clues to what is going on in our lives. Clutter, noise, broken equipment can be visual clues to looking deeper to discover our thoughts, energy and behaviors.

Estelle Gibson is a CPA, TED Speaker, International Best Selling Author and Holistic Financial Coach. With over 40 years of professional experience in finance, purchasing and management she’s worked with individuals and companies, from small privately owned businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, in diverse industries.

With almost 20 years as a Holistic Financial Coach, she’s helled women, couples and entrepreneurs that are ready for a new experience with money after a life changing experience (divorce, marriage, career change, retirement, empty nest) rebuild their lives financially and emotionally. She’s committed to empowering her clients and students to have financial freedom, so they have the power to choose to live their dreams, and use their gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.