Your Daily Spiritual Practice
Create a Foundation for Living

For the past few years I had been struggling with my daily spiritual practice. Years before I had a spiritual practice that really worked in my life and with my lifestyle….but my life had changed.

I knew that I could not go back to what worked for me before so instead of trying to pour new wine into old wineskins I decided to create a new wineskin.

How many times have you clung to, or tried to get back to a practice or habit that worked for you before but now you've outgrown?

I decided to re-explore the meaning and purpose of a daily spiritual practice and to then create one that works for me in my life now.

I invite you to join me.

What is a Daily Spiritual Practice?

A daily spiritual practice is the use of activities, tools or habits that assist you in creating a sacred space and atmosphere to experience and anchor Spirit/God/the Universe/a Higher Power in your life.

Over the centuries, ordinary people have explored and discovered, through different practices, an experience beyond their ability to express in words. Any person may experience the depths of his or her spiritual essence by using these practices to explore his or her own consciousness.

While the practices may vary, there are some factors that remain constant throughout spiritual disciplines.

What are the Benefits?

In our day-to-day hectic lives it has become easier and easier to focus on the external world, working harder and harder to make things happen, to control things to do more and have more.

Having a Daily Spiritual Practice gives you a pattern of daily living to build sound personal habits of spiritual practice so that you are able to turn inward to build a better personal life and a better world - connection, peace, clarity, relief from stress, ease in your every day life.

The 3 Elements in Your Daily Spiritual Practice

1. Getting Connected- the ability to focus the attention inward in a receptive mode.

2. Getting out of the Way - the ability to remove oneself from distractions and focus the attention inward in a receptive mode, the commitment to use the practice despite any diversion, confusion, distraction or lack of progress and the ability to detach from outcomes.

3. Creating What you Want – Use the Law of Attraction to clarify your desires, align your thoughts, beliefs and actions to those desires and allow them to manifest.

How do I create a practice that works for me?

You may have to experiment with different activities to find what works for you. Based on your lifestyle, work habits, family situation, and available time you will need to decide:

1. When you will do your practice
You will need to choose how often you will do your practice and whether it will be in the morning, evening or during the day. It is best to have a consistent time and day for your practice and to schedule it in your calendar.

·Time Released Session- take 5-10 minutes during the day as a mini-spiritual practice where you include one or more of the 3 elements above. You can do this several times throughout the day.

2. Where you will do your practice
You will want to create a sacred space where you will be free from distractions, interruptions, noise, etc.

3. How long you will spend on your practice
Initially you may want to begin with 10-15 minutes and then progress to 30-60 minutes depending on the elements of your daily practice.

4. What you will do during your practice

I created the My Daily Spiritual Practice worksheet to help you clarify and select the elements of your daily practice.

Get access to it and other Free Downloadable tools and worksheets to help you on Your Journey!

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