Over the last 10 days this special event took place and changed the lives of literally hundreds of thousands of people!

Among some of the results people got from attending this event were absolutely inspiring...

•There were people who opened up to a new understanding of how easy it can be to improve their finances…

•And those who released physical pain that they had had for years…

•And people who released draining negative emotions like anxiety, anger and depression–Emotions that can really hold you back and are difficult to deal with

They got these results by listening in to 20 amazing experts teach how to use the powerful Tapping technique commonly known as EFT (Learn More Here) and by following the simple tapping sequences they outlined.

YOU too can have life-altering results!

I attended the first few days of the summit and unfortunately was unable to attend for the remaining days, so I decided to sign-up for unlimited access so that I can:

•Listen to all of the sessions on my own schedule

•Stop the audio to do the tapping sequences

•Incorporate anything new that I learned to share with my clients.

Wow – was it worth it!

Each transcript is word for word of the audio recordings and makes it easy for me to follow along and make notes. The workbooks are incredible and give additional information, tapping scripts and worksheets to help incorporate all the information.

I want to make sure that you have the opportunity to have unlimited access to the entire 10 day, 20 presentation event including:

•Access to Audio Files (mp3 or cd or both) for each of the 20 sessions

•Complete access to all event audio transcripts and Workbooks from each Session (digital or hardcopy or both) –these were not available in the Tapping World Summit Free "Live" Sessions

•Extra bonus sessions to enhance your Tapping experience

Get Your Unlimited Access to the Tapping Summit 2012!