body mind soul

Holistic is defined as: “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts”.

There are many interpretations of Holistic and Holistic Coaching, many people define them differently. In my work, I define Holistic Coaching as follows:

Holistic Coaching is based on a Model of working with the Body, Mind and Spirit

In a coaching situation, a coach works with a client to help them:

-Discover who they are,

-Identify and clarify what they desire most,

-Expand the awareness of their thoughts, feelings and actions and begin to align them to what they desire,

-Create and develop strategies, action plans and environments to help them achieve their goals.

As a Holistic Coach, I work with clients
on All Three Levels

On the BODY, or physical level it means working with what is going on in the client's physical world-what is actually happening in their experience and in the 9 environments of their life.

I coach my clients to create environments and action plans that support their goals and desires.

On the MIND or mental level, I use coaching tools and processes to help my clients and students gain an awareness and understanding about their beliefs so that they can then make the choice to shift them. They can then create new thoughts, beliefs and actions that are aligned with their goals and desires.

On the SPIRIT or spiritual level, I work with the client to realize that we live in a co-creative universe with Spirit, God, a Higher Power and assist them in making a connection with that Higher Power and to develop a spiritual practice that works for them-within their own religion or faith, to transform their existing conditions and life experiences.