Journey To Freedom:
Transforming Your Relationship with Money

Are YOU Ready to Experience
A SIMPLE and PROVEN Process to

Join me in this 6-week class and BREAK FREE from limiting beliefs and move forward on the Journey to True Financial Freedom

Next Class Starting in Fall 2012

Most financial freedom programs focus on what I call the nuts and bolts-budgets, credit card debt, saving, investing-all about doing. Most prosperity programs focus on the being aspects - connection with spirit or spiritual principles, work on limiting beliefs, etc.

You can’t have lasting financial freedom if you are living in fear, worrying about your money, spending all of your time dealing with it… And you can’t be prosperous if you are living by platitudes, meditating and creating affirmations, but you can’t pay your mortgage, you are accumulating credit card debt or living from paycheck to paycheck.

My program focus on both the being and the doing, plus offers more.

Class #1 - What Do I Desire?
In this session we will look at your Hearts desire and the vision for your Financial Future. You will set your intention for participating on this Journey to Freedom.

Session #2,3 Where am I now?
Now it’s time to be honest with yourself and take responsibility for your finances and face your present reality. Just like using any map or plan, you may know your final destination, but you won’t know how to get there unless you know where you are starting. By taking responsibility for where you are you then have the power to make the changes necessary to get to your goal. We will look at where, why and how you are spending your money.

Class #4 What Stops Me?
Taking actions without addressing the underlying beliefs will lead you right back to where you are now. In this session we will look at the underlying beliefs, thoughts and actions that have previously stopped you and are currently running your life. You will learn how to break free from these beliefs and move forward on the Journey.

Class #5,6 How Do I get There?
This is where we create a plan to keep you headed in the right direction, continuing on your Journey and arriving at your destination. We will look at dealing with debt, ways to manage and invest your money and create a spending plan that works for you.

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