Are you Starting a Business?
Would you like to take your Existing Business to the Next Level?
A Business Coach can help

Entrepreneurs often start their businesses with great ideas, passion, excitement and enthusiasm, with the intention of creating a business doing what they love. They later realize that running a business requires much more.

Instead of being able to do just what they love, they begin to see that they are now responsible for administration, employees, operations, finances, sales/marketing among other things.

The excitement and passion that was the driving force in starting their business is now replaced with overwhelm, frustration, exhaustion, self-doubt and burnout.

As entrepreneurs we don’t always focus our attention in the right direction. We end up spreading ourselves too thin because we don’t have a plan, we don’t maximize our gifts and talents or we don't know when it's time to hire things out.

As a Holistic Business Coach
I assist Business Entrepreneurs to:

• Discover Your Divine Purpose

• Create a Magnetic Vision and Mission Statement aligned with your purpose

• Create a Strategic Action Plan-to meet your vision and mission based on possibilities, intentions, thoughts, beliefs and actions aligned with what you truly desire, while making use of your inherent gifts, talents and resources

• Assess where Your Business is right now

• Discover or Re-Discover Your unique gifts and talents

• Begin to uncover and move beyond the underlying thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions that have previously stopped you and are currently manifesting in Your business and Your life

• Create a plan to launch, re-launch or expand Your Business

• Create an Ideal Client Attraction/Marketing Plan

• Assess your current business model and pricing structures and create or realign them with what works for you

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