Unplug the Christmas Machine E-Course

Create Your Holiday, Your Way

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Learn how to make simple changes to reduce your stress, increase your enjoyment and consciously create your Holiday Season.

Lesson One: What do I desire-Part I – In this lesson you will learn how to use the Law of Attraction to consciously create the holiday you desire.

Lesson Two: What do I desire-Part II- In this lesson you will clarify your values and use guided imagery to create your Ideal Holiday Vision.

Lesson Three: Where Am I now? In this lesson you will gain deeper insights and expand the awareness of your current thoughts and feelings about the holidays.

Lesson Four: What stops me? In this lesson you will begin to uncover the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that have stopped you in the past and align them with what you desire for the holidays.

Lesson Five: How do I get there? In this lesson you will combine all your learning and insights from Day 1-4 into a workable plan for the Holiday Season.

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