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Spiritual Counseling

The purpose of a spiritual counseling session is to assist and inspire the client to recognize and establish a new belief through spiritual principles and through the power of Prayer.

In a Spiritual Counseling session I assist the client in understanding their problem and its cause by asking compassionate questions and using active listening skills. Then, through the power of prayer, healing and Spiritual truth is revealed to correct the problem.

Spiritual Counseling is not the same as psychological counseling. A psychologist bases their work in a medical model and does not focus on spirituality. A spiritual counselor bases their work from a spiritual perspective with the focus on prayer to shift and transform existing conditions.

Spiritual Counseling is not the same as coaching. Coaches help clients to take specific actions towards a specific goal or desire. In spiritual counseling I use spiritual principles as the basis for all my guidance in working with clients. I do not attempt to counsel or coach clients on problems beyond the scope of a spiritual focus.

The relationship between my clients and myself is one of complete confidence and what is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone, except when legally required for certain situations.

A Spiritual Counseling appointment may include one or more of the following:

-A discussion with the client regarding the existing problems and issues
-An assignment of spiritual reading or practices
-Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment

Spiritual Counseling appointments are held in person or by telephone and last about one hour.

Appointment in Person - $60
Appointment by Phone - $45

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