Are you a Transformational Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur or Leader who is:

  • Passionate and committed to creating a successful business or organization?
  • Interested in using your gifts and talents to make a difference in the lives of your clients and organizations BUT
  • You feel that your money issues are holding you back from creating the business or organization that you desire?

What stops many business owners from using their creative gifts and talents and making a difference in the world isn't their lack of motivation, competence or knowledge.... It's actually - Their Relationship with Money!  Why?

Because Money is at the Heart of every decision you make in Your life and Your  Business and learning about your Money and your Mindset isn’t enough. You have to take action and move past your money story, money blindspots and money habits - and that takes time and support.

I've created this Step-by-Step Program that incorporates an Inner and Outer approach to Manage Your Money and Shift Your Money Mindset so that you can create the Life and Business of Your Dreams! 

Here's an overview of the program:

Module 1 – Set Your Intention for Your Money and Your Business 

In this module you will:

  • Create a vision for your money and your business
  • Begin to clarify your goals and set an intention for the journey.
  • Get clear on the area of your business you want to focus on so you can minimize distractions when it’s time to take action 

You'll Receive: 

Your Area of Focus - this worksheet will walk you through the process of selecting an area of focus

Creating Clarity Exercise - This tool helps you to get clear on what you desire and begin to focus on it, shift your vibration and thereby attract it to you.

MODULE 2 - EVALUATE WHERE YOU ARE NOW - Facing Your Present Reality

By taking responsibility for where you're starting from, you can take control in a concrete way and start to make changes. Just like on any journey, you may know your final destination, but you won't know how to get there unless you know where you're starting from.

In this step you will assess where you are right now in your money and business. Once you make this assessment you'll have the power to make the changes necessary to reach your goals.

You’ll receive:

Wheels of Wealth Assessments – this assessment will help you understand the stage of your business that you are in (Creating, Building, Sharing) and prioritize what you need to work on first

Power ToolEnvironmental Scan Tool – this tool helps you a look at the environments of People, Places and things as they relate to your money and your business so you can 

Module 3 -Create an Action Plan This is where you’ll create a plan that will bridge the gap between Your Vision and Where You are Now. Your action plan will keep you headed in the right direction, continuing on Your Journey and arriving at your goal.

You’ll receive:

Game Plan Coaching Session – in this session you’ll be guided to create an action oriented, result focused game plan including purpose, measurable results, project tasks, recurring actions, resources and more to help you stay on track, making progress.

Game Plan Worksheet

Module 4 - Reveal the Inner Beliefs that are Stopping You

Taking actions without addressing your underlying beliefs will lead you back to where you are right now. In this step we will look at the underlying thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions that stop you. You will learn how to break free from these beliefs and create and incorporate new thoughts, beliefs and actions that are aligned with your goals and desires.

You’ll receive:

 My Money Story Guided Session and Worksheet

 Desire Statements Worksheet

Module 5 – Strategize What’s Next - Many times when we reach milestones or goals, we get stagnant, complacent or slip backwards because we don't have a focus or direction towards what's next. In this step you’ll celebrate the progress that you've made and have a clear direction of what's next.

You’ll receive:

90 Day Action Planner

In this 5 Module Program You'll Receive:

  • Content – Each Module will include video lessons, step-by-step exercises, done for-you worksheets, checklists and templates guided imagery and more.
  • SupportYou'll have access 24/7 to our Exclusive Private Community to ask questions, share your insights, wins and challenges and get support.
  •  Live Q&A Coaching calls - I'll be on live to answer your questions and provide coaching.  All calls will be recorded so if you can make them they will be in the course resource center.
  • Resource Library - because you'll have a different goal, area of focus and action plan than other participants, I’m creating a resource library of videos, worksheets and exercises for relevant topics such as: Increasing Your Income, Dealing with Your Debt, Clarifying Your Business Structure, Tracking Made Easy, Stop Spending/Start Saving, Creating Your Spending Plan (Budget).


Attraction Into-Action Day!
In this 4-hour virtual event you will get the motivation and support to take massive actions! You can
complete actions for a project or goal you are working towards, work on some aspect of your business-marketing, finance, writing, social media, updating client files, clean your office environment, self-care, or anything you choose to focus on!  Included are Open Office Hours – you’ll be able to schedule a 20 minute individual session with me to ask questions and get 1-1 coaching – (by appointment)

What Others Have Experienced:

"Before I started working with Estelle I had sorted a lot of my money issues, but I was really stuck with practical ways to move forward – I needed help!

I had the most wonderful session with Estelle. She was so easy to talk to and put me at ease when some really difficult money issues came up.  Her worksheets were so helpful and the clarity that I had with those was so profound.

Estelle was so skillful, she made everything seem much more do-able, easier, more fun and less scary.  Estelle was gentle in her approach and yet her strength shone through too.

Now I have so much more clarity about where I am with money, what to do with it and how.  I feel supported and able to move forward with my new skills and I just know that I couldn’t have done that with Estelle’s expert help and guidance."

Kate Cave-The Karma Life Goddess
Holistic Business Coach

Since Oct. 1 I've paid $3,414 towards my debt!!!! Thank you for helping me towards achieving this goal for myself and my family.  I was totally up what I've paid (since 9/10) on med bills for the kids and I, garnishment, car and my house and it is $14,573. that doesn't include childcare, lunches, sports, vacation, etc. holy cow. Thank you for going on this journey with me. you were such a HUGE help and source of confidence.


After my business partner and I finished our workshop with Coach Estelle we were very motivated and had clear and concise plan to work toward our business goals.

We are now following our plan and meeting short- and long-term goals.  Instead of someday; we can say with certainty what we will achieve and when.  The discussion of our strengths and weaknesses was a real turning point, because we had never approached our work from that perspective before.

We are more organized and productive and our communication has improved 100%!

Thanks for all your help and concern!  We’ll be back for more coaching!


Thank you so much Estelle. I am present to and blessed by your guidance. I am grateful for your coaching and you having a powerful combination of technical skills and transformational coaching



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Questions? Contact: 

Coach Estelle is the coach to call if you are ready to eliminate your limiting beliefs, get into action and Achieve Your Financial Dreams! With over 35 years as CPA working in Finance, Purchasing and Management she has worked with individuals and companies ranging in size from small privately owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies in various industries.

In addition, with over 15 years as a Church Leader and Holistic Financial and Business Coach, she has worked with individuals, churches and organizations to:

  • Create financial freedom by having a plan and process that works for them and their life
  • Move beyond the limiting beliefs that stop them
  • Align their values, vision and mission statements with goals and action steps
  • Realize their unique gifts and talents and create the future that they desire
  • Create strategic plans for their business and personal lives