Products to Help You Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Blank Journal Book by Flavia - Hardcover

Die-cut hardcover, cloth bound, elastic band closure. Lies flat when opened.

Only 5 left in stock- you will receive either the Thoughts or Believe Journal.

Flavia Journal - $10

Gratitude Jewelry - Bead BeautifulTM Story Jewelry

These handcrafted “Life Enhancement” bracelets, necklaces and earrings are designed and made from hand blown glass beads and stones gathered from all over the world. All beads, stones and colors are specifically chosen and arranged to create a special meaning or “story”. Each piece is shipped with it’s own wallet size “Story Card”. (Gratitude Bracelet pictured)

Here is the Gratitude Story:

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. “Up your gratitude to lift your attitude”. The smiling bone beads remind us your heart is at home when you put a smile on your face. Use your smile to erase negative thoughts. Every cell in our body has a memory. The "happy drops" remind us that good thoughts produce happy cells. The flower circle is for our constant circulation of love and friendship. Hearts; reminder to open up your heart with gratitude. The hand: giving and receiving love. The two flat purple beads; good relationships. The dish bead; a reminder to receive your good. The five points of the star; prayer, meditation, study, service, and circulation. The more thankful we are the more good that comes. All items in threes, (3 purple "good idea" beads) convey health, wealth and happiness.

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Earrings - $20


Bracelet-$50 - (shown above)