Emotional Brain Training (EBT)

Are you Ready to Release the Underlying Limiting Beliefs and Emotions that are Blocking You from having
What You desire in Your life?

What is EBT?

According to EBT, Inc the originators of EBT:

"EBT is the set of tools that changes the brain"

"EBT is a method that uses a set of tools to enable us to switch off stress-reactive circuits and activate stress-resilient circuits that bring us to a state of well-being. Also, these tools combine the best two worlds: 1) they reduce the stress of the moment, and 2) they weaken the root cause of that stress – the stress circuit – so it is activated less often and less strongly. As stress is the root cause of up to 90 percent of health problems and most human suffering, having a set of tools that rewires the stress response is core to optimal self-care."

EBT is designed to help you become aware of your emotional set point and give you the power to rewire your own emotional brain. It is a way of processing, reprogramming and realigning your emotions to a higher vibration, the state of Joy!!

Why EBT?
As a Coach I work with clients to reveal the underlying and limiting beliefs and emotions that are blocking them from having what they desire in their lives.

Everything that exists vibrates at some subatomic level and your thoughts and feelings have a vibratory frequency. The barometer for your vibrations are your emotions and feelings. Whenever you feel and have emotions about something, you create a vibration and that vibration has a frequency-like a radio transmitter.

The more you are a match to items at a particular frequency, the stronger the vibration that you are transmitting and the more you attract at that frequency.

Using EBT you can raise your vibration and begin to align your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions to what you desire in your life.

I have personally worked with EBT for over 13 years and have found it to be one of the most powerful ways to transform negative emotions and raise your vibration!!

I became a certified provider in order to assist my clients in using this powerful method to release negative emotions, raise their vibration and begin to align their thoughts, beliefs, feelings and manifest their dreams.

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