Resisting Your Taxes? 
Shifting Your Mindset Can Help

It's that time of year again here in the US – time to file your taxes...

Are you an early bird that gets it out of the way? or

Do you wait until the last minute – running to the Post Office or clicking send (if you file electronically) at midnight?

Let’s face it, I don’t know too many individuals or business owners that just love dealing with or paying their taxes, but there may be some underlying reasons why you avoid them or wait until the last minute to deal with them.

  • Maybe you haven’t kept track all year and the shoebox or file of receipts is just too overwhelming to deal with
  • Maybe you’ve kept great records – you know where everything is but you’re avoiding or don’t have the knowledge to tally up what’s happened during the year
  • Maybe you know things aren’t going well in your business -you've overspent or haven’t created as much income as you wanted to
  • Maybe you don't feel you have the time or knowledge to do them yourself, but you're not sure how to find someone that can

How can Shifting Your Mindset help?

Whenever you feel or have emotion about something, you create a vibration or vibe for it and that vibrational frequency- like a radio transmitter, draws to you those things that vibrate at the same frequency. When it comes to your taxes - there may be underlying feelings and emotions that are stopping you.  Here's an example...

Recently I worked with a client that was avoiding making an appointment with her tax preparer. She was also struggling with organizing her tax paperwork. Even though she keeps all of her receipts and can easily tally up her expenses, this year she was in resistance. 

I gave her the assignment to begin to get clear about her thoughts and feelings by writing out her flow of feelings- was she feeling-angry, sad, afraid, guilty?

As she wrote out her flow of feelings she saw the most prevalent ones were fear and guilt..

  • She was afraid that her tax preparer would tell her that she could not take a business deduction
  • She was afraid that she would owe taxes and not be able to pay them
  • She was afraid that she had done something wrong and would be audited
  • She felt guilty that she had not made any profit in the last few years
  • She felt guilty that she had not worked harder

Next I asked her to clarify what she wanted to experience at her tax appointment by contrasting what she didn’t want vs what she did want

Don’t Want

  • To owe lots of money
  • Feel stressed
  • To be judged
  • Be in trouble

Do Want

  • Get a refund!
  • Feel relieved
  • Be honored and respected
  • Feel confident and empowered

After completing this list she focused only on the Do Want  list until she went to her tax appointment.

After she met with her tax preparer she made the decision to close out the business because of the limited income over the last few years. 

At first she felt sad and as if she was throwing in the towel on her business– but after discussing it with the preparer she realized that when she had started the business years ago she was in direct sales and year by year had drifted away from that as the focus of the business. She realized that somehow this lack of focus had been contributing to the lack of motivation, energy and income she was generating. 

She decided to establish her new business based on her current focus and passion and ended up receiving a refund, feeling relieved, honored and respected and was empowered with a renewed energy and confidence about moving forward- everything that was on the Do Want list!

You can do this too!  

  1. Write out your Flow of Feelings as it relates to you resisting your taxes - I feel angry that.....I feel sad that....I feel afraid that....I feel guilt that
  2. Clarify what you want Get Access to one of my favorite tools, the Creating Clarity Tool.  This tool will help you to get clear on what you desire and begin to focus on it, thereby attracting it to you. 

Estelle Gibson is a CPA, TED Speaker, International Best Selling Author and Holistic Financial Coach. With over 40 years of professional experience in finance, purchasing and management she’s worked with individuals and companies, from small privately owned businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, in diverse industries.

With almost 20 years as a Holistic Financial Coach, she’s helled women, couples and entrepreneurs that are ready for a new experience with money after a life changing experience (divorce, marriage, career change, retirement, empty nest) rebuild their lives financially and emotionally. She’s committed to empowering her clients and students to have financial freedom, so they have the power to choose to live their dreams, and use their gifts and talents to make a difference in the world.