Inner Freedom
Clear Your Beliefs

Breakthrough Session

Do You:

  • Have a BIG dream for your life or business, but your money issues, money story, and money blindspots are getting in your way?
  • Are you ready to transform the limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, overwhelm and frustrations that are stopping you?

By learning how to:

  • Expand Your Comfort Zone
  • Identify Your Underlying Patterns of Fear

You'll be able to Take the Actions You Need to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams!

In your Inner Freedom Breakthrough Session I'll coach you using the Coachville Inner Freedom Method The Inner Freedom Method is a sequence of guided inquiries , visualizations, body awareness exercises that guide you from feeling stuck (Inner Resistance) to feeling free (Inner Freedom).

You will:

  • Transform the Limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, overwhelm and frustrations that are stopping you
  • Perform at a higher level
  • Step into a new possibility
  • Take the actions steps you've been avoiding
  • Play Big and Take Your Life and Business to the Next Level
  • Secure the Superpowers that your FEARS are concealing
  • Get your Heart's Desires out into the world

"I was able to actually SEE where in my body the words were getting stuck!"

I did an “Inner Freedom” session with Estelle recently to find out why I had such a strong block when discussing prices for my products.  I’m a reluctant sales person and often provided discounts that weren’t yet asked for.  After working with Estelle, I was able to actually SEE where in my body the words were getting stuck!  She helped me to understand why this was happening and assisted in creating strategies to work through the block.  I had a sales expo right after and was able to successfully use the strategies!  It was amazing how quickly she helped me clarify and change something that was impeding my success.  I completely recommend working with Estelle!

Kelly Walsh

Here's How it Works:

  • Sign-up for your Breakthrough Session below
  • You'll be directed to a link to my schedule, to book your private 50-60 minute session
  • Once your session is booked, I'll send you any pre-work information
  • We'll meet via video or teleconference line
  • After the session I'll email you your session notes

I only have a few openings available in my schedule for this popular and powerful session

The open spots are Available for You if You're ready to Face Your Fears and Take the Actions Necessary to Achieve Your Big Dream!

If this describes You, then I invite you to sign-up for one of my next available openings!

Inner Freedom ™ - Clear Your Money Beliefs
Breakthrough Session

Price:  $297