Are You Ready for a Money & Mindset Breakthrough?

If you've been working to create a successful business and your money issues are getting in the way of you creating the results you desire, then I'd like to help you create a MONEY & MINDSET BREAKTHROUGH!!

I've heard from several speakers, authors and coaches that are overwhelmed with managing the money in their business, while being stopped by their money stories and limiting beliefs, so I decided to do something about it.....

with Estelle Gibson- CPA, ACC

I love helping coaches, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs manage their money in simple, yet effective ways, that's customized for them. 

I also help them break free from their money story and their limiting beliefs, so they can take consistent action to create a sustainable business.

If you're ready to go from Financial Overwhelm to Financial Freedom, Let's Connect!

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"Before I started working with Estelle I had sorted a lot of my money issues, but I was really stuck with practical ways to move forward – I needed help!

I had the most wonderful session with Estelle. She was so easy to talk to and put me at ease when some really difficult money issues came up.  Her worksheets were so helpful and the clarity that I had with those was so profound.

Estelle was so skillful, she made everything seem much more do-able, easier, more fun and less scary.  Estelle was gentle in her approach and yet her strength shone through too.

Now I have so much more clarity about where I am with money, what to do with it and how.  I feel supported and able to move forward with my new skills and I just know that I couldn’t have done that with Estelle’s expert help and guidance."

Kate Cave-The Karma Life Goddess
Holistic Business Coach