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Visioning - Visioning is a guided meditation process in which you allow yourself to hear, feel, see Spirit’s plan for your life, or for a particular area of your life. Use this worksheet to record what has been revealed to you through the visioning process.

Scripting - In order to have something that we want to show up in our experience, we have to allow it or match it vibrationally at the feeling level. Use this worksheet to focus your feelings and create a vibrational signal to attract what you want.

Creating Clarity - This tool helps you to get clear on what you desire and begin to focus on it, shift your vibration and thereby use the Law of Attraction to attract it to you. Use this tool for a project, person or area of your life.

Desire Statements - Once you have clarified what you want, use these Desire Statements to "power up" your affirmations and help you focus your attention on what you desire.

Daily Spiritual Practice - use this worksheet to clarify and select the elements of your Daily Spiritual Practice.


Coaching Readiness Assessment - How Coachable are You?
This assessment will help you and your coach determine how coachable you are right now.

Wheel of Life - Is your life in balance?
The Wheel of Life is a simple exercise that can help you determine which areas of your life are out of balance. It assists you in determining the areas of your life to set goals, focus on or improve.

What Do I Desire? - Do you Really Know What you desire?
This exercise will help you clarify and deliberately attract into your life what you truly desire.