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About the Challenge:

Are You a Transformational Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur or Leader who wants to use your gifts and talents to make a difference with your clients and organizations but:

  • You have unresolved money situations – i.e. unpaid bills or taxes, credit card debt, money owed to you, unorganized paperwork, lack of systems, etc that have PILED up, robbing you of Time, Energy and Income
  • You don’t have a plan, systems or processes for what you want to achieve in your business and your finances
  • You get stopped because of self-sabotage, fear and guilt about money

If you answered Yes to any of the above, then You'll want to Join Me in this FREE 5 Day Challenge where You'll:

  • Discover your own unresolved money situations (Money Clutter) and understand how to eliminate them so you can - Get Into Action!
  • Practice taking simple steps to achieve your desired results
  • Begin to shift your negative beliefs and behaviors when it comes to money

Here's how the challenge works - You'll:

  • Receive DAILY email training including videos, tools and worksheets you can use to take simple action steps
  • Get Support in an EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group where you can interact with me and other participants daily to share wins and challenges, ask questions, etc.  
  • Participate in Live Q&A Coaching Calls


      Attraction Into Action Day - June 10th

As an added bonus on the day after the last day of the challenge I’m hosting my popular Attraction Into Action Accountability Day where you can get Motivation and Support to take Massive Action to complete your projects and Achieve Your Goals!