5 Steps on the Journey to Manage Your Money
Master Your Mindset so You can Create the Business of Your Dreams

By Estelle Gibson - CPA, ACC
Speaker. Author. Coach

In this book Estelle Gibson weaves her personal journey with practical applications from her professional experience as a CPA and Financial, Business and Life Purpose Coach.  She guides you using her 5 Step Journey to Freedom process to go from Financial Overwhelm to Financial Freedom!

What stops many purpose driven entrepreneurs and leaders from using their unique gifts and talents to make a difference in the world, isn't their lack of motivation, hard work, skill or's "Their Relationship with Money" Why? Because Money is at the core of every decision you make in your life and your business.  Learning about money isn't enough.  In order to move past what's stopping you, you have to take action.

This book will help you:

  • Get clear on the money goals and intentions for your business
  • Increase your financial literacy so you can make effective decisions for your business
  • Break free from fear, confusion and self-sabotage with money
  • Heal the money issues that keep you from achieving your goals

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